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What does the expiry date on Agropur fine cheeses mean?

Generally, the ideal time to enjoy Agropur fine cheeses is before the expiry date displayed on the package. Beyond this date, the cheese may change in form and turn stale. That being said, some are worth consuming close to their "Best Before" date.

A question of taste

The flavour of Agropur fine cheeses changes over time. The best time to enjoy them depends on the type of cheese.

Where firm and hard fine cheeses are concerned, the expiry date is more of a suggestion, given of course that you appreciate a stronger taste. Aged cheeses such as Agropur Grand Cheddar aged 1, 2 and 3 years, and Agropur Import Collection Parmigiano continue to transform after the date indicated and can still be enjoyed. If you notice any mould, completely cut away the affected section and discard it. Replace the wrapping of the remaining fine cheese.

For soft fine cheese, the closer it is to the expiry date, the more the flavour intensifies, until it becomes generally unpalatable. As an exception, the washed-rind Rondoux Triple Crème is best after the date, as its maturing process continues the longer it’s kept in the refrigerator.

Since fresh fine cheeses have a higher moisture content, microorganisms can develop more quickly. This is the case with Crème OKA spreadable cheese. You would be best off consuming these cheeses before their expiry date.


Reminder of refrigerator shelf life

The shelf life of Agropur fine cheeses varies based on the type of cheese:

If you decide to wait before enjoying the cheeses you’ve purchased, you will need to store them properly.

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