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Anchored in tradition but decidedly modern, OKA is loved by one and all. It’s no small wonder that it’s been on our plates since 1893!

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OKA has been made for 125 years at the cheese factory in the Quebec village of Oka, from a secret recipe handed down by the Trappist monks of the Oka Abbey. It is a semi-firm cheese with an unforgettable taste and an irresistible rind.


Today, Agropur’s master cheese makers still produce OKA cheese in accordance with the original recipe and continue to refine this cheese that offers a subtle aroma and unique buttery flavour. Crafted with passion since 1893 and perfect for every occasion, OKA cheese is proud to celebrate 125 years with you!


The OKA family features a variety of products. Whether you’re making a traditional raclette, a simple sandwich or a decadent macaroni and cheese, these versatile cheeses are the perfect match for your recipes and your tastes.