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How to select Agropur fine cheeses for your tray

Whether you’re planning a cheese course for before or after a meal, or organizing a multi-course wine, beer and cheese tasting, the basic principle remains the same: emphasize variety. Go for an assortment of flavours, textures, shapes and colours when selecting your Agropur fine cheeses.

For a progressive tasting

Select cheeses according to their intensity: mild, medium or strong. Aim to get your guests to try the mildest cheeses first, followed by cheeses with increasingly pronounced flavours.

For mild cheeses, the rich buttery taste of La Rougette and the subtle mushroom notes of Rondoux Double Cream will tantalize your guests’ taste buds from the outset. And mild doesn’t have to mean boring! Try adding the fruity taste of Champfleury to your tray assortment.

Next, try Jarlsberg and Le Rustique camembert, two medium-intensity cheeses. Finish with the bold intensity of Limburger Halali to round out the progression on the palate.

Consider featuring the different types of milk from which our cheeses are made. While cow’s milk lends itself well to the production of fairly versatile cheeses, sheep’s milk features in mostly medium-intensity cheeses, such as the Manchego Maese Miguel, although the Agropur Import Collection Roquefort has a sharp taste. Goat’s milk usually results in mild cheeses like L’Extra Pure Goat. Goat’s milk can also be used to make cheddar-type cheeses, such as the 2-Year-Old Le Chèvre Noir.


To vary textures and shapes

The number of cheeses on your tray will of course depend on the number of guests (plan for about 225 g per person). If possible, try to include all cheese types:

• Cream (mild Agropur Import Collection Pure Goat)
• Soft (medium The Connaisseur Triple Cream Brie)
• Semi-firm (much-loved and mild OKA cheese)
• Firm (sharp 3-Year-Old Agropur Grand Cheddar)
• Blue (medium Cambozola Black Label)


Note that each cheese type does not have only one taste. To make the most of Agropur fine cheeses, practice some cutting techniques based on the shape:


Ideally plan for one knife per cheese, or at least, one knife per soft cheese. The same knife can be used to cut all firm cheeses. Remove your cheeses from the fridge at least an hour prior to the start of your event. Leaving them at room temperature will allow your guests to better appreciate the flavours.

Your tray wouldn’t be complete without condiments. Explore our accompaniment ideas for all Agropur fine cheeses.


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