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OKA L’Artisan Smoke Open-Faced Sandwiches

The mild sweetness of maple and raisins is the perfect foil for the robustly flavoured OKA L’Artisan Smoked in these hearty open-faced sandwiches. The aroma of smoke and maple may remind you of being at a sugar shack.

You will need : 

-          225 g of OKA L’Artisan Smoke

-          Loaf of raisin bread

-          Butter

-          Maple butter


Makes 24 bites

1.       Cut a loaf of raisin bread into 12 slices. From each slice, form 2 heart-shaped pieces. Fry them in butter.

2.       Cut 225 g (1/2 lb) of OKA L’Artisan Smoke into fine slices.

3.       Spread each toasted piece of bread with a generous amount of maple butter, and garnish with some pieces of OKA L’Artisan Smoke.

Featured product in this recipe

A new experience in taste: L'Artisan artfully combines the renowned traditional OKA taste with the irresistible flavour and distinct look of a European-style honeycombed cheese. Now with a smoke flavour. 

OKA L'Artisan Smoke